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This project is a simple mathematical expression parser written in C#. It's the refactoring of an old project and uses an AST-evaluation algorithm. You can use built-in or add your functions and variables to global scope. It was written primarily for fun and and as programming exercise; anyway if you anyone find it useful, please send feature requests or issues; but please take note that this is still a work in progress.

At the moment specification is just a draft.

At glance
var myvar1 = Evaluator.EvaluateAs<double>("pi - 2");
var context = new Context()
  .SetVariable("myvar1", myvar1)
  .SetVariable("myvar2", 12.345D) 
    (args) => (TypeConverter.ToNumber(args[0]) + MyMath.DoCalc(args[1])));
var result = context.EvaluateAs<double>("myvar1 + (.999 * myfunc(myvar1, 7.789))");
var isTrue = context.EvaluateAs<bool>("myvar2 == 12.345");

CodePlex (package download): alfa.
GitHub (source repository): alfa.
NuGet: not yet released.
Until the it stabilizes you're invited to use the more recent version possible.


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